Here you get to our virtual campuses

Campus Zweibrücken

Our Campus in Zweibruecken provides excellent conditions for studying business administration, computer science & microsystems technology.

Campus Zweibrücken

Campus Kaiserslautern

Our Campus in Kaiserslautern provides excellent conditions for studying construction & applied engineering sciences.

Campus Kaiserslautern

Campus Pirmasens

Our Campus in Pirmasens provides excellent conditions for studying applied logistics- and polymer sciences.

Campus Kaiserslautern

What is Campus Adventure

The Campus Adventure represents an MMORPG game and is being developed as part of the module "Agile Software Development" of the Master's programme "Information Management" (Faculty BW). In order to give back a bit of "campus feeling" to prospective students, students, staff as well as guests, this project was launched in 2021. The "campus feeling" includes attending lectures, holding online events and also meeting friends in the virtual world.

Campus Adventure manual:

How to get in?

    At the start the browser asks you to enter your name (up to eight characters are allowed).
    After confirmation with Continue, an avatar can be chosen or created.
    You are also asked to enable your camera and microphone – this is required if you want to communicate with other visitors. It is also possible to enable it later in the game.
    Your settings will be saved within the browser. For getting a better overview, you can change the browser zoom. Using the menu on the upper left, the avatar, camera and microphone settings can be changed afterwards. If you meet another visitor, the two of you start a conversation.
    And now: Have fun while exploring!


  • Zoom in/out: Strg + , Strg -
  • Move: Arrow keys:  ,  ,  , bzw. W , A , S , D
  • Run: ⇧ Shift + arrow bzw. ⇧ Shift + W , A , S , D
    Notice: Conversations will be interrupted while running, not while walking - as long as persons are together within one circle.
  • Communicate: Automatically when meeting persons (a circle is drawn around the group) and in conference tools.
  • Chillout areas/ lecture rooms: No communication possible.
  • Change room: Use staircases and doors to get to other rooms.
  • Walls: The avatar can not go through walls, walk around them.
  • Mute: Mute-Symbol The mute symbol marks a place to have a rest, there are no communication possibilities.
  • Jitsi: Kamera-Symbol The camera symbol shows Jitsi group rooms. You can get in contact with more than four persons here.
  • Menu: Hamurger-Menü In the menu on the upper left several settings can be reached, e.g. you can change your name and avatar here.
  • Infopoint: Here you can get university information.